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Felt cute, turned a new age.



It’s 1:51am and I’m a year older.

How do I feel?

I’ve read 2 and half mails; yes half, because this human copied a part of my birthday mail for them and included it in theirs for me. Who does that?😂

I can’t lie… I’m happy, I’m filled with gratitude – one of my mails reads ‘you’ve worked hard’ and even though I would often beat myself up for not doing enough, this year, I’ve been putting in the work.

Journey to Jack Bauer (iykyk😌) had me pushing! I left my comfort zone, took a pay cut, delved into something entirely different.

I met people, amazing and annoying.

I’ve allowed myself LOVE – I finally learnt to give some love to myself, to another, and more importantly, I’ve allowed myself FEEL.

It’s 2:03am and I am not filled with anxiety. I’m not scared.

Today, I’ll happily scream: ‘it’s my birthday!’. When anyone asks what I want, I won’t go mute because I’m timid, because I’m not hyped about the birthday.

No, this particular birthday means so much to me, and here, this moment, I feel safe.

Safe. Happy. Excited for this chapter of my life.

Happy birthday to me!❤️

Dear God, thank you for working in me.




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