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Life Update?

3 min readSep 19, 2023


I’m getting married.

What? Now don’t look at me like that. Okay, let’s get right into it!

December 2022, I was done working as a Content Writer x Social Media Manager x Executive Assistant.

You’d think I was earning half a million. Over what, biko?

So I looked my boss in the eye and told her I wasn’t coming back the next year.

She didn’t take it well but smart woman found a way to keep me around albeit remotely, and with a pay cut.

2023 started with me being all about Product Management.

I met very amazing people steadily grinding and not minding the sleepless nights tech rewarded them with.

It’s been a ride, really. Nights where you’d cry yourself to bed and on some mornings, I had no will whatsoever to get off the bed. I’d blame myself for wanting to do ‘too much’, I could have just stayed with my full-time job until one Alhaji’s son finds me and seek my hand in marriage.

I’m the girl on white when Alhaji’s son comes to pluck the flower in our compound.

May, my boss came with an offer. I didn’t take it.

You’d think I was making millions lol. I was a very broke girl but Olamide once recounted this old adage in one of his songs: whatever you wouldn’t accept as a rich man, the best time to reject such is while you’re poor.

Trust me, it sounds better in Yoruba language.

September again, she comes along with a different offer, and to be honest, it’s way better than the previous deals we’ve had and I just might be taking it…

I’ve boldly been calling myself the Product Girl for months now, guess I’m about to be a Product X Operations Girl.

My girl saw this bio description and said; this might be you soon and oh well…

I’m quite excited for the adventure ahead; pursuing Product Management and being in Operations.

I’ve begged my guys ahead; I don’t have the slightest idea what lies ahead but one thing I’m certain of; I’m not dropping one for one.

Now you may wonder why I took on the role eventhough it’s hardly an hybrid one. Money is my No. 1 motivation.

I’m tired of sending epistles on my guys’ birthdays, I want to gift them too!

Also, I have a feeling, scratch that, I know it’ll come in handy when I’m met with the opportunity to pursue PM full-time.

Writing this felt personal and that’s why I chose a channel where just a few people can put a face to my name.

Plus, why did I open a Medium account? It’s a digital safe space where I document as I journey through life.




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