live and let love.

3 min readSep 29, 2023


(thought you might wanna know: I started this post with the title, ‘birthdays are dress rehearsals for your funeral’, then switched to ‘give me my flowers while I’m still here with you’. A random conversation with a friend gave me this title. While it reads ‘everydayish’, I love it — it captures how I feel, and if you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know I write in the moment.)

I have been loved. Many many love.

Half the time, I do a shitty job at receiving and nurturing these love when they come but I’ll die learning how to.

the height of love I wanna attain.

backstory or what do I call this?

I had a rocky month from April or May? September came and I had this crazy anxiety all through, I slept (I’m surprised I could still sleep anyway😂) and woke up with sadness.

I moved a lot too, being alone in the house did no good to my mind so yeah, I needed to stay around people. Then came my birthday…

I haven’t gotten over some thoughtful messages I got on my birthday three days ago and I want to share some of them here — (just because Medium is that online bestie one never gets to physically meet.)

It’s nice to know I have people in my corner who love me despite my many flaws. Thank you for being patient with me! Your love, every drop of it, keeps me warm🥺

You can also title this post as — ‘September Dump (but make it nice words said to you on your birthday)’

my boss y’all!
Ps: lost some flesh so I do not think I’m still round
Lol, I love the flow!
this part made me melt
lol, I drank garri every afternoon (except on weekends) in August.
reading this reminded me of how I’m a better friend than a lover😑
thank you for constantly believing in me
have you met me???

Got more to share but declined at the last minute because they feel so personal.

Thank you for following through my posts for September! I enjoyed writing them.

Despite the whole madness in September, I’m glad I could put my thoughts into writing.

October, shall we?




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