Love has many colours.

2 min readFeb 24, 2024
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Today, I’m feeling grey; it’s the aftermath of grief – my mind is all over the place – that gray area, it’s a maze, eyes blurry, it’s been a walk in cornered paths and now, of the billions of feelings in my mind, confusion is the daunting one.

Confusion; she stares deep at me, double-tongued. I look up at her and she says: you can always start all over.

I pack my bags, ready to move and at the hallway, she screams: do you really want to throw away the five years?

This time, the colour of love is 💖

It’s what you feel when you have a boss who despite being annoying, tells you boldly, ‘I am so proud of you’.

It’s what you feel when you hear her child-like scream after you’ve just announced that you ensured her car got a full tank despite the scarcity of fuel.

The colour of love is pink from the moment a colleague plays Wizkid’s Frames (Who’s Gonna Know). A love that gets so intense when you finally realise the gem that the entire album is.

💚 – love’s new colour.

It’s about the interview session you’ve been having with some friends of a Corporate Rockstar. You’d wish your father’s name also set the oceans raging but more, you’d wish that your boss’ projection of how one of them looked at you and smiled was true.

No, you’re not looking for love but it’s something about a man’s attention – a fitting Kunle Remi’s doppelganger at that.

❤️ – the one everyone assumes is the actual colour of love.

It’s the way you felt the moment you realised you’ve found the one you want spend the rest of your life with, and the thought of them would envelope you into bouts of daydreaming.

Eventually, you’d realise love has no other colour but this 🖤 because you see that there is no perfect one. Soulmate is an illusion. Love requires choosing someone everyday, with deliberateness.

Black is the colour of love when you realise that the perfect one is in many faces.

The colour of love is black.

Now does love really have many colours or all your life, you’ve been seeing wrongly?




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