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2 min readNov 24, 2023
Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

(something you should know; in between managing a crazy work schedule and having bouts of impostor syndrome, I’ve not been able to write something I’m proud of)

First, I do not find celebrity gists interesting, even if I do, the last thing you’d find catching an update on Gistlover.

(I finally get the opportunity to let it out; if you follow Gistlover, you’re a razz fellow and we can’t be friends🚩)

The first time I wanted to write on this, I had seen a quoted tweet on a video she posted with her ‘new man’.

You’d probably find it hilarious but I was quite irritated that a grown ass man would allow himself be so ridiculed and the quoted tweet had something in the line of;

‘not being so expressive around your (ex) lover and then finding someone who you can be so free with’

I’m quite pained I cannot find the tweet, I thought I reposted it or liked it. I guess my ‘fear’ of following any of these people’s gist made me ‘unlike’ the post.

I’ll be honest, the post also made me feel a bit guilty, because I had a quick run down of my recent love relationship and I thought about the times I wouldn’t leave them a room for fuck ups, I was too stern, hard.

I would extend a high level of grace to my friends but not my lover.

Dating isn’t as straightforward, everyone is guiding.

I don’t want to do too much, I don’t want ‘see finish’ and you know why?

You’re consumed by the fear that it would all go to shit and like Job, it eventually does!

This is a loud call to self:


Even poles bow to some form of pressure. Do you get it?




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