Love in the Air

2 min readDec 1, 2023

PS: took a risk writing a part of this; I’m seated by the window of this Danfo taking me to Berger. I hope my phone makes it home…

Two of my colleagues are in love with each other or so it looks like.

But I’ll hold on the former because for the first time, I’m led to believe that love can be palpable.

‘Love is in the air’ is no paradox, parable, hyperbole, nor personification.

It’s real and I felt it, I would have touched it but my hands were full – from holding my Powerbank and my ailing phone whose battery wouldn’t even last up to three hours anymore.

I’m happy for them.

He seems to like her and she him, too – and it’s so beautiful to notice the way her hands would sometimes linger on his body.

They didn’t only catch feelings, it’s been a week catching flights together – it’s a work trip lol, and thinking about it; I’ll lean towards the thought that my boss deliberately put them together as a team.

I’ll finally tell you what’s been on my mind, and if we lay stake, it’s on yours too.

There’s me constantly imagining what would have gone down between them.

Did they finally get the opportunity to have their first kiss? (That’s if they’ve not had bouts of stolen kisses already before now)

Would he say, “I’ve always wanted to do this?”

How did it go? What’s been the frequency since the first attempt?

An item on my bucket list (which I believe everyone who wants love wants) is visiting new places with someone I’m down bad for and I really wish I could ask the babe how it feels touring the world with the love of your life.

I wish they’d enjoy their time in the middle of the hectic work.

Can’t lie, I wish I could have a bit of what they have – not as workmate though.

I don’t care for the PR that relationship type gets, it’s not something I plan venturing into.

Well, except I marry a Tech Startup Founder.

Dear colleagues of mine, kindly throw caution to the wind and have some fun!

Kind regards,





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