The Girl Who Much Didn’t Happen For

3 min readAug 6, 2023


Did you notice he said ‘need’ and not ‘want’? So yeah, we should be fixated on the things we need and not want.

Oya Oya, you don catch me. This motivation isn’t motivating today.

I picked up my phone to type and this is the song that came to mind.

Btw, I do not enjoy music and writing. The only set of songs I can perfectly listen to while working (writing mostly) is 6lack’s East Atlanta Love Letter album.

The songs remind me of some memories I never want to let go of.

Growing up, I knew for sure that I would be a Journalist, and my father never failed to let me know he wasn’t in support.

As far as he was concerned, Journalists were influential but broke people. Lol

Later on, I discovered I really enjoyed editing my friends’ stories, and even books. Then at 18, I was so sure I’d own an Agency, and I was going to tag myself: ‘The Writing Medic’.

(Gather here, let’s have a good laugh over the dreams that never left the corners of our rooms)

While I enjoy a bit of writing and a larger part of editing, you know what has my heart now? – Product Management.

December 2022, I made the decision that I would devote my 2023 into learning about Products. We’re in the early days of August and I must confess, I think that was the best decision I’ve made for myself, after choosing Christ of course.

(Trust me, it’s not cliche. If I no get Jesus, I go don give up on this life tey tey)

I don’t have life figured out yet; I’ve had days when the frustrations of life held me down on my bed shouting: ‘You’re not going anywhere!’

Sometimes, I would bow to their pressure and I stay on my bed till 1pm and on some other days, I look at them: sadness, self-doubts, fear, regrets – and I bundle them together and throw them out the window.

I know I’m in a race with poverty and na me go still win.

I don’t want to be that girl who much didn’t happen for.

I don’t want to be that girl who had potentials.

I don’t want to be that girl who kept explaining, no ‘evidence’ whatsoever.

I’ll get everything I need; k’oni ko ja mi, ko ni delay!


> Oya Oya, you don catch me – Nigerians way of admittance – Yes, you caught me red-handed.

> If I no get Jesus, I go don give up on this life tey tey – Pidgin English, can be expressed in English as – If I had not made the conscious decision to follow Jesus Christ, I would have long given up on life.

> Na me go still win – Pidgin English, better expressed (based on context) in English as – I will eventually overcome.

> K’oni ko ja mi, ko ni delay! – Yoruba language, can be expressed as – (Getting everything I need) won’t pass me by, there won’t be any delay.

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