2 min readNov 25, 2023


All of my friends are getting married and it bothers me.

Unlike Kygo and Sasha, I see no point in following the lights or the crowd.

If someone comes to me right now that I marry him, I’ll pass out😂

You mean me? You wanna do life with me? I’m still a baby please, I still cry at the slightest discomfort. I get teary when I’m being scolded. I can’t even singlehandedly make a decision on what to eat which is why I do not eat until I’m about to faint.

But yeah, I’m happy for these people that have not only found love but are confident they’re willing to do life with them.

I mean, marriage is a big one! We can’t just take breaks from each other. I can’t say I want to go home so I’d sleep on my mother’s bed. You mean I’ll have a roommate for life?

No!!! Please go away, go and meet your mum too. I need my personal space😂

You know, the first time I had a conversation about getting married, I was 14. I had this clique and we asked each other the ages we wanted to get married. I said age 23, and others mentioned theirs. One of them is now married and another was recently proposed to.

Oh you know what’s funny, she actually reached out to me that her fiancé’s friend wanted someone he could have a serious thing with and she thought I was a good option.

I’m glad someone thinks of me in this light – I mean, in whatever light she must have thought.

Although it’s funny how we never had a prior conversation as to whether I was seeing someone or not, which, thinking about it now, I find rather somehow.

I mean what if I’m gayyyyy. But would she ask me, ‘why are you gayyyy?’

(if you don’t get it, ask your Nigerian friend)

Love is beautiful.

I’ve seen people prove they’re in love, MADE’23 had Nigerians on chokehold. There’s something about the way he’d look into her eyes, the slow dancing, and the aura you’d catch even on your phone screen, from every video I came across of their wedding ceremony.

There’s a particular video where the Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out loud was added, and there was a way she smiled at him…

Check it out here and oh there’s this really cute one too here.

Love is beautiful, you should experience it at least once in your lifetime.

This video made me write this anyway.




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